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Tikia's Story

 Hellwig By Tikia started as an organic hair salon but has evolved into so much more. Hell+Wig is my way of describing big and unruly hair. Though that's my favorite type of hair, every now and then those Hellwigs needed a little taming. That's where I would come in.

   My name is Tikia. I'm a hair artist that loves all forms of art, fashion and beauty. I naturally have the design bug and felt unsatisfied with containing it to hair. So the logical move for me was to start designing shoes,open apparel etc and open an online store, a place to expand and share. In the course of following my dream I learned that some will "try" to fill you with doubt. I decided to turn their laughs, side-eyes and snickering whispers into fuel. It wasn't easy and I stumbled along the way, but I'm here; loving every minute and sharing my new missions with you.

   My first mission is to encourage you to love the skin you're in and be your most authentic self. So I have created fashionable must haves that celebrate Black History, Self Love, Equality, Friendship, Political Involvement & Unity.

   My second mission is to give you an amazing shopping experience so you can Have a Hell of a day on Purpose! So welcome to my dream come true. Take a minute to browse and find my unique items. There is activewear, apparel, art, bags, decor and more!

   All items are made per order. It takes approximately 2-7 days to create. This time is in addition to shipping time. Please keep in mind when ordering, especially if you need your items by a specific time.

  You can find more products on my Threadless artist site at and purchase our unique shoes at Thank you for stopping by. Have a Hell of a day on Purpose!

Tikia Shanta

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